Macoy Mejia is a Free/Libre/Open-Source Software Advocate and philanthropist.

He is the department head of Information and Communication Technology Department of MDS Call Solutions Incorporated. A 24/7 contact center servicing a nationwide operations. He also the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Teravibe Incorporated, a fast emerging bleeding-edge technology provider company.

With 10years of experience in using various Free/Libre/Open-Source Technology, specializing in system integration, web-based application development and business intelligence. He is one of the first Digium Certified Asterisk Professional in the Philippines.

As part of his advocacy, he spearheaded and funded the development of Generic User Management System, a PHP-based Web Application Framework and also the “drayber.com”, a Vehicular Number reporting and feedback portal. He also lead the “Malayo ang mararating ng 20 pesos mo sa mga batang gustong mag aral” initiative, promoting social awareness and quality education.

As an independent volunteer and donor, he support various Non-Government Organizations such as Philippine Red Cross, Ugnayan ng Pahinungod UP Manila and other groups and initiatives promoting Quality Education and fighting poverty in the Philippines.

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