Bucket List

  1. US road trip from coast to coast
  2. Europe to Asia coast-to-coast road trip
  3. Experience scuba diving DONE! November 2015 in Coron, Palawan
  4. Experience sky diving DONE!! October 11, 2013 in SkyDive Central New York
  5. Fly a single engine plane
  6. Drive a Rally Racing Car
  7. Camp and hike with dad and bros  DONE! Nov2012 in Mt Marcy, NY
  8. Camp and hike with my family
  9. Experience skiing
  10. Drive a Jet ski  DONE! 2012 Subic, Philippines
  11. Experience wakeboarding
  12. Meet Dalai Lama in person
  13. Buy and fire my first hand gun
  14. Learn Archery
  15. Sponsor someone not related to me to finish her/his education
  16. Join the army and do high security stuff
  17. Tattoo DONE!!
  18. Try Paragliding
  19. Buy my Dad a new car
  20. Visit Davao
  21. Visit Palawan DONE!!! 2014
  22. Visit Cebu
  23. Visit Thailand
  24. Visit Indonesia DONE!! July 2015

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