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Addition to my #KnifePorn Collections

Smith & Wesson Special Tactical CKTACBS Liner Lock Folding Knife Partially Serrated Tanto Blade Smith & Wesson CKSURG Homeland Security Tanto Knife

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10 Tips for your long Indochina Trip

Know the Do’s and Don’ts of each countries you are visiting.  Greet the locals properly with their language and respect their local customs.  They might require you to remove your shoes or dress up accordingly, especially when visiting temples. Considering the weather

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Folding Knife Collections, including Dadoy Ona’s masterpiece Balisong #knifePorn

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TacticalAsia : Added to my list of favorites

TacticalAsia is now added to my list of favorite e-commerce site in the Philippines. Updated product catalog, with chat-support, Paypal payment options and delivered on time as promised. Good job!

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A CircuitrocksPH Experience : Seenzoned

Frustrations, Unlike other e-commerce site, they will ship your items either with-in the day or the following business day.  But this site called doesn’t know the word “Customer Service” at all. I ordered 13 items worth PhP 3,500 of Arduino’s

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