My new Jetboil Burner Assembly S20014

JetBoil BurnerMy Jetboil Zip serves me well for three years now.  The only thing that broke was the pin under the burner and it was my fault.   Even though, It still works fine and its been with me wherever I camp.   And now, I will replace the broken burner with the new one, but I’ll still keep the old one for back-up.


A Small Debate

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 3.03.11 PMI commented one of her post asking bakit maraming haters si Binay.  I told her, alamin nya sweldo ng isang Mayor at gano katagal na sa tungkulin.  Hingian ba naman ako ng source??? and mocking me about “STATS” heh

Information nowadays is so abundant and it becomes so cheap.  Tinatamad na mga kabataan ngayon gumawa ng konting research… ang gusto lagi sinusubo or na go-google search.

Always proud being Tambay ng Library.