Free Asterisk Training provided by Imperium Technology Incorporated

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“Asterisk Open-Source PBX” is now the leading Open-Source PBX in the market. Many companies now are switching to this system and the demand for skills in implementing and maintaining it are also relatively growing. But unfortunately, not all of us are not in-depth for such skills and knowledge.

Good thing Imperium Technology Incorporated is now offering free training to provide enough knowledge of what Asterisk is all about.  On its 2-hour training (including live demo), you will learn the capability of the system and how it will fit to your requirements. After the training, you should be able to install Asterisk and configure basic extensions and SIP clients in your test machines. Not bad ey!

Imperium is continuously providing good service to its clients locally and abroad.  This company have grown more than twice of its own over the years, and it comes to the point that they have to transfer their office and occupy 2 levels of a building. They also offers other technical and non-technical training sessions which includes from Linux to Photography.

Fora Dictionary : No Ads, SD Stored, Offline and Free Dictionary for your #Android


I’ve been searching for so long and finaly I found “Fora Dictionary” for my Android unit.  I tried several apps like “Advance” and “ColorDict”, but Fora standout from the rest.

The application it self will be stored in your internal storage but the data may be installed separately to your SD. You have various of “Dictionary” library you can choose depends on your needs. But for me, I installed it all… now I have offline searchable thesaurus, dictionary, pronouncation, computing dictionary and world fact book from CIA.

Fora Dictionary is a full-featured dictionary and until now I can’t believe why its free. You can search by regular typing-in your subject but you can also use androids voice search. It also suggest keywords while typing. You can also change the font and sizes on its settings unlike other android dictionar app, good for person like me that requires large fonts in reading.

There are plenty of android dictionary apps to choose from, but for me.. this app standout from the rest because it fits to my needs and its FREE!

I only wish it can integrate to android’s keyboard dictionary… or maybe it is possible already but I dont know how hehehehe…

Lesson I learned today : “A Complaint is a Gift”

To any group or company… “A Complaint is a Gift”… it gives you knowledge on how to improve your services or products. It also show that they are concern to your quality of services… kung wala kang complaint… wala kang business…

I’m so blessed to meet those people and have the opportunity listening to them, sharing their words of wisdom.

My first blog for 2011 will not be a New Year’s Resolution.

It is important to everyone to have a plan and clear goals in life. hindi promises, hindi propaganda.  I learned it 10 years ago pa, and ilang beses ko na na prove na… if you want something to happen in your life… prayers is not enough… it needs actions… it needs commitment…

Again… I didn’t wrote this blog just to show off and mag yabang… gusto ko lang i share sa inyo na… kung nagawa ko.. alam kong kayang kaya nyo rin…  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!