to blog or not to blog : IT Related Projects

I’m not concern that people may copy my ideas and technologies that I’m using.  I also owe it to the people in the web, and there’s something inside me, telling… that I should do the same…  But I’m more worried about the fact that, we obviously have a very stiff competition not only in the market, but also in technology innovations.

Maybe its time that I should create another Internet alter-ego character to hide my Identity.

Canes and Hearing Aids for KVES-SPED kids

“Happiness is not so much in having or sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”… Let’s share our blessing…  Help us to provide Canes for blinds and Hearing Aids for Kasiglahan Village Elementary School – SPED kids. Kahit toys… napaka laking bagay na…. HELP us to touch and change their lives…

Initially, We will be needing:

– 10 Blind Canes
– 6 Hearing Aids

* Toys would be also great.

Hopefully, we can produce those tools before November 30.

By the way… as much as possible… NO-CASH please…  You can also do your part also by sharing this link to your friends….


Super Thanks!!!

First dine-in experience @ Mang Inasal : Not Bad

Hindi ko inexpect na ma-bubusog ako sa pag visit ko sa Mang Inasal.  I ordered PM2: Inihaw na Chicken Pecho part, Large Orange Juice and additional Sinigang na Bangus.  Na serve kaagad yung food at no time, ewan ko kung busy lang ako but hindi ko na feel na nag hintay ako.   Malinis yung store and just right yung aura.   I just noticed na parang hindi plantyado yung mga uniform ng mga crew. Baka siguro style yun hehehe. 

At last, I can start my dinner na! i tried first yung sinigang na bangus.  And sarap ng sabaw! mainit pa! i like maasim kasi pag dating sa sinigang.  But too bad, I have to ask pa for table napkin. Na notice ko, halos lahat ng table walang table napkin. I have to wait for the crew para mapunasan ko yung sabaw sa labi ko.

Ehto na! The pecho part! Im not inihaw fan but this one meets my expectations. Masarap din, but like sa Chicken Bacolod.  It wont get to the level na i will crave for it. Gumawa ako ng sarili kong sawsawan… soy sauce with konting vinegar plus chili oil. Unfortunately, hindi ganong maanghang yung chili oil like sa mga pares hehe.

When I was about to finish my rice with my pecho part is barely touched. Nakita ko bottom less rice pala sila. For me, THE BEST yun! hehee..   Malas nila, I’m a RICE monster… naka three rounds ako.  Dun ako nabusog… burp! excuse me 🙂

So naubos ko yung plate ko, plus the Sinigang na bangus.  ang hirap tumayo kagad.  Unti unti kong inubos yung drinks ko.  Too bad, ayaw ko ng masyadong matamis na fruit juices, but I manage naman ubusin yung drinks ko. Sayang eh. hehe.

The meal is alright, the taste and texture… I cant tell.. basta nabusog ako hehehe. pero nde ko sinabing hindi masarap.  Yung PM2 na meal 99 pesos, pwedeng pwede na sa mga working class like me.  Lalona  RICE ALL YOU CAN  sila hehe.

For me, Mang Inasal is not bad to try, but good option for dinner or lunch.  I heard masama sa health yung laging kumakain ng ihaw.. kaya ingat lang… Meron naman silang Sinigang para maiba from time to time.