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#WIP : Arduino Based Drone Controller and Telemetry

Just sharing my On-going Arduino-based Drone Controller with Telemetry Project

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A CircuitrocksPH Experience : Seenzoned

Frustrations, Unlike other e-commerce site, they will ship your items either with-in the day or the following business day.  But this site called Circuit.rocks doesn’t know the word “Customer Service” at all. I ordered 13 items worth PhP 3,500 of Arduino’s

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Fast transaction with RapidSignalph.com

Temperature and Humidity Sensor,  Barometric Sensor,  Color Detector and Real Time Clock… sealed and fresh  ^_^

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While waiting for modules…

I’ll post a picture for the meantime  ^_^

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Serial-LCDKeypad Arduino Sketch Code

Here’s a sample working sketch code for communicating with your Arduino Uno through USB Serial with some major changes and features included. /backlight on and /backlight off   to switch the LCD backlight /1 and /2   to switch lines to

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