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Nokia E61i and Coffee

My second mobile phone, Nokia E61i out-lived my Android phones, including Nexus 4.  Everything still works, WiFi, Music, Camera, Emails… except the OVI portal of Nokia.    My first mobile phone was the Ericsson GA628 back then… the thing that you can replace

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Nokia E61i

Still works!! can call and send SMS, can browse and tether internet, can play music, can sync email and calendar, can capture photo and video… still four bars after four days without charging. One of my friend remind me that

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Goodbye Nokia OVI Share!!

Nokia sent me this…. Dear Ovi Share user – You are receiving this email because you have previously used the Ovi Share service. Ovi Share is an online service that enables Nokia users to upload and share files, typically photos

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The Making of Nokia N9 MeeGo #Linux Phone

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Amazing Nokia BH-503 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

20mins charging time…. 13hrs battery life playing good audio quality for music and voice calls…. 10meters distance… can be use/pair with virtually all devices (and we tested it by the way)… I bought it in greenhills san juan for 1,500pesos…

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