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An update on my small RaspberryPi Project for Indigenous Kids of Mindoro

Most of these kids doesn’t reach or proceed secondary education.  Because for them, primary education will suffice to live for farming and do labor works.  With this new skills that they have learned, I hope that their future would change for the better.

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Raspbmc in action!

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64gig upgrade for Raspberry Pi with bitcoin-core

64gig upgrade for Raspberry Pi with bitcoin-core The whole blockchain should fit on 16gig usb drive with wheezy… but logs, source and temporary files should be considered during the process. ugh! To be continued…

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My mini Bitcoin miner using Raspberry Pi

Doing 650+Mh/s

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Compiling Bitcoind on Raspberry Pi

A short step-by-step on how to compile Bitcoind on Raspberry Pi. First thing you need to do is to increase the RPi’s Swap Size $ sudo vim /etc/dphys-swapfile Modify the line to change the setting from 100Mb to 500Mb. CONF_SWAPSIZE=100

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