osmand #android app turn-by-turn gps navigation in the philippines for FREE


osmand, a free/open-source android applications, lets you travel in Metro Manila like you’re in a “NFS” racing game. You just need to point your destination using your screen and it will calculate and select the fastest path you can have. But make sure you will still read road signs… because it might lead you to traffic officers for counterflow violations.

Various options in map settings.  You can get maps from Google or from OpenStreetMap or even from other map providers.  You can  download or use maps from your SD card for offline map while also using online for minimal data transfer from the source.

SMS Backup+ #android app stores your SMS, MMS and call logs to your GMail Labeled Mailbox.


With SMS Backup+, you dont have to say goodbye to your important phone messages to archive and save phone memory spaces. You can download and use it for free from Android Market.

SMS Backup+ can store your SMS, MMS and even your Call logs optimizing your GMail labeled mailboxes via Mobile or WLAN. As long as you have enough storage space to your Gmail, you can back-up as many as you want.

20pesos.org reach-out kids from Manila Boys Town through YRock

We are proud to announce that we donated school supplies collected from “Malayo ang mararating ng 20pesos mo sa mga batang gustong mag aral” or 20pesos.org initiative through the help of Ms. Kimberly Manasala representing “The Yeshua the rock Christian Assembly” or YRock.

The Yeshua the Rock Christian Assembly (YRock ), is a non-sectarian, non-profit religious youth organization.

Manila Boys Town is an institution owned by City of Manila located in Marikina, accommodating abused, neglected and abandoned children.

Gawin nating laging pasko araw araw sa pagtulong sa kapwa kahit sa munti nating paraan.

Turn your #android phone into portable Internet radio using TuneIN Radio App

A 2.89mb app in your Android phone memory is worth to spend. With TuneIN Radio Android App, you can listen to your favorite local and International radio stations through Internet. It can also download and listen to podcast as well.  It’s like having your iTunes right on your pocket. You just have to download it from Android Market.

You can use it via Mobile or WiFi, and it won’t drain your battery easily. Sound quality depends on the stations and your phone. TuneIN GUI is easy to navigate because of its simple and intuitive design. Radio stations are categorized by genre, region or by language, and it also separates the local stations into separate group.

By the way, did I mention already that It’s free?