Serial-LCDKeypad Arduino Sketch Code

It works!

Here’s a sample working sketch code for communicating with your Arduino Uno through USB Serial with some major changes and features included.

  • /backlight on and /backlight off   to switch the LCD backlight
  • /1 and /2   to switch lines to print a message on LCD
  • /cls   to clear the screen
  • Keypad buttons sends a serial messages to host computer.

You can download the code at

Serial Communication

Telecommunication Companies and Internet Service Providers in the Philippines

Are you satisfied?  Do you feel any value and effectiveness of their services?   Do we have any other options?

Those questions can really spike your BP when you are an IT person in the Philippines, and you’re in-charge of maintaining the company’s connectivity and communication, operating locally.  They can’t even explain nor provide solution to your problem because most of their tech guys left to work in other countries.  Escalating it to their bosses is futile because they don’t even check their emails, busy with their extravagant lifestyles collecting percentage of sales and incentives.  While their company continue to decrease their workforce’s salaries.

PLDT, Globe Telecoms or Innove…  do you really care?

Bread Board for Hardware Hacking


Just following my bliss…

I bought my 2nd WebCam, USB Audio Card, USB WiFi with Soft AP, a Mic, Wire kit and a Bread Board.   Let’s see what happens when we mix it with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Starting my Make-a-week habit.