My favorite #MultiLing Keyboard for #Android now with new layout.


Based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread keyboard with extra features

★ Small apk size
★ Inherit all the features from Gingerbread keyboard
★ T9, compact qwerty, Emoji, smiley faces, Edit Mode, Num Pad …
★ Voice input
★ Fast switching languages (Swipe or long-press space bar)
★ Hide keyboard with swipe out gesture (with gesture option enabled)
★ For bigger space bar, hide the settings key
★ Touch word correction
★ Qwerty / Azerty / Qwertz / Dvorak / Left Hand / Right Hand / Colemak under Latin settings
★ Themes, keyboard size, font size…
★ Auto correction: Type approximately and let MultiLing correct it
★ User dictionary
★ Word learning
★ Gestures:
↓: Hide IME/Keyboard
→: Toggle handwriting/keyboard
←: Toggle keyboard mode (T9/compact/fullsize)
↗: Delete or clear writing pad for Handwriting mode
↑: Toggle Keyboard Sizes
★ Accents key (for certain language only):
and so on…
★ 나랏글
★ 手寫識別
★ Thai compact layout

Free Cable TV using Justine.TV Viewer Google Android App

image website provides online video streaming for free. You can watch well known cable channel such as CNN, BBC even Al Jazzeera…. (and other channel as well but I love watching international news). AND NOW you can have it in your mobile…

Makes sure you have data plan and enough bandwidth.

Android App MarketEnabler works as it is. Simple but Effective.


MarketEnabler allows you to download legitimate apps directly from android Market not available to your network. As simple as that… But for my case, It is very usefull… because it allows me to install updated Gmail and Google Map in advance as well as several apps that is not available to all networks.

By the way, your unit must be rooted first to make it work. 😉

Fora Dictionary : No Ads, SD Stored, Offline and Free Dictionary for your #Android


I’ve been searching for so long and finaly I found “Fora Dictionary” for my Android unit.  I tried several apps like “Advance” and “ColorDict”, but Fora standout from the rest.

The application it self will be stored in your internal storage but the data may be installed separately to your SD. You have various of “Dictionary” library you can choose depends on your needs. But for me, I installed it all… now I have offline searchable thesaurus, dictionary, pronouncation, computing dictionary and world fact book from CIA.

Fora Dictionary is a full-featured dictionary and until now I can’t believe why its free. You can search by regular typing-in your subject but you can also use androids voice search. It also suggest keywords while typing. You can also change the font and sizes on its settings unlike other android dictionar app, good for person like me that requires large fonts in reading.

There are plenty of android dictionary apps to choose from, but for me.. this app standout from the rest because it fits to my needs and its FREE!

I only wish it can integrate to android’s keyboard dictionary… or maybe it is possible already but I dont know how hehehehe…

Turn your #android phone into portable Internet radio using TuneIN Radio App

A 2.89mb app in your Android phone memory is worth to spend. With TuneIN Radio Android App, you can listen to your favorite local and International radio stations through Internet. It can also download and listen to podcast as well.  It’s like having your iTunes right on your pocket. You just have to download it from Android Market.

You can use it via Mobile or WiFi, and it won’t drain your battery easily. Sound quality depends on the stations and your phone. TuneIN GUI is easy to navigate because of its simple and intuitive design. Radio stations are categorized by genre, region or by language, and it also separates the local stations into separate group.

By the way, did I mention already that It’s free?