A CircuitrocksPH Experience : Seenzoned

Frustrations, Unlike other e-commerce site, they will ship your items either with-in the day or the following business day.  But this site called Circuit.rocks doesn’t know the word “Customer Service” at all.
still processingI ordered 13 items worth PhP 3,500 of Arduino’s and some parts late night few days ago in Circuitrocks for my project.  So I expect that they will process it the next day or at least response to my inquiry.  But after calling their number several times and sending private messages to their “Co-Founder” and Facebook Page… I got nothing. I tried calling their number… lucky that someone picked up after few tries… He told me that they already “processing” my order, and they validate payments before business day ends. That was later that night.

2016-10-28-01-10-42 2016-10-28-01-10-49

BUT… as of this writing… no updates nor response from Circuit.rocks… I’m little bit frustrated because I expect too much. Unlike http://www.e-gizmo.com/ or http://www.gadgetpinas.ph/ and even https://www.tacticalasia.com … they will give you the tracking numbers once the courier service drop-by as soon as they can and they respond and even call your number.

To Circuit.rocks… prove me wrong… My numbers is on my profile and I sent you PM.


UPDATE 2016-10-28 11:06AM:  Finally.. someone responded.



UPDATE 2016-10-28 11:20AM:  The updated my order with tracker number… lets wait and see






After the drama… Circuitrocks were able to satisfy a customer…  but yet again… they should have answered my messages to avoid miscommunications.  Apparently, they shipped my items yesterday but they failed to update my order status.

Serial-LCDKeypad Arduino Sketch Code

It works!

Here’s a sample working sketch code for communicating with your Arduino Uno through USB Serial with some major changes and features included.

  • /backlight on and /backlight off   to switch the LCD backlight
  • /1 and /2   to switch lines to print a message on LCD
  • /cls   to clear the screen
  • Keypad buttons sends a serial messages to host computer.

You can download the code at https://github.com/macoymejia/Serial-LCDKeypad

Serial Communication

Bread Board for Hardware Hacking


Just following my bliss…

I bought my 2nd WebCam, USB Audio Card, USB WiFi with Soft AP, a Mic, Wire kit and a Bread Board.   Let’s see what happens when we mix it with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Starting my Make-a-week habit.

My first sketch in #arduino ^_^


Using ubuntu and Arduino IDE + LCD4bit_mod library… I was able to do what every developers do in learning new systems…  saying Hello World!!! ^_^