Astricon2006: “in the zone” hours before dCAP certification

DSC03502-2Jet-lagged, pressured, afraid to fail  but inspired and determined.  Ten years ago, 2006, I use an old-laggy laptop lent to me by my boss… Reading the Asterisk PDFs and telecommunications dictionary, the site and practicing and simulating Asterisk configuration.  I took the dCAP certification exam without the “bootcamp” in Dallas, Texas.   After hours of written and hands-on examination,  I became one of the first Digium Certified Asterisk Professional in the Philippines.

Thank you so much Boss Jr. Contreras!

Free Asterisk Training provided by Imperium Technology Incorporated

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“Asterisk Open-Source PBX” is now the leading Open-Source PBX in the market. Many companies now are switching to this system and the demand for skills in implementing and maintaining it are also relatively growing. But unfortunately, not all of us are not in-depth for such skills and knowledge.

Good thing Imperium Technology Incorporated is now offering free training to provide enough knowledge of what Asterisk is all about.  On its 2-hour training (including live demo), you will learn the capability of the system and how it will fit to your requirements. After the training, you should be able to install Asterisk and configure basic extensions and SIP clients in your test machines. Not bad ey!

Imperium is continuously providing good service to its clients locally and abroad.  This company have grown more than twice of its own over the years, and it comes to the point that they have to transfer their office and occupy 2 levels of a building. They also offers other technical and non-technical training sessions which includes from Linux to Photography.