A Boracay experience : You can have the best while spending less in the Philippines.




We are all brain washed that enjoying our very own fine beach of Boracay could be very expensive. And what we didn’t know… All we have to do is to be resourceful and wise.

We spend less than PhP9,000/pax for the plane ticket, packed with hotel accommodation for three days and two nights, breakfast included. Then we ate twice in mang inasal and once ina turo-turo (a local restaurant). A meal can cost you a hundred pesos.

If you have extra, you can try other activities than swimming in beach like banana boat ride, ATV rentals and an hour wind powered boat ride. Good thing local people have consideration to his fellow kababayan by giving us a non commercial pricing for every activities.

The stations

There are three stations in Boracay. You can find expensive restaurants and hotels from station 1, the cheapest were in the station 3, while station 2 is somewhat in the middle. If you want to socialize and spend all your money, station 1 fits for you. People flocks in this area for some unknown reasons. Maybe because their mind was conditioned that station 1 is the best spot in boracay. But people like me who wants to enjoy the calm clean beach of boracay with relaxing sea breeze, and wants get away from the crowd… You will definitely prefer station 3.

All in all

I enjoyed my vacation with colleagues and looking forward to visit boracay again.  Hopefully this October. My advice to those who are planning to… try ZestAir… and make sure you booked 6 months ahead.