Watching Netflix in the Philippines… hooooraaaaa!!


I use my VPS for hosting my sites, ssh tunneling and Web Proxy to browse Google Play… I didn’t know it can also be used for Netflix.   I’m using Squid Proxy and connected via standard Smartbro WiMax here in Mandaluyong.  

No lags if you dont enable the HD on Netflix… Wag lang sanang madidisconnect ang WiMax  ^_^

IE is making our lives miserable as a web application developer.

We are about to embrace HTML5 in all our projects but most of our users are using Windows XP and it can only be upgraded up to IE8. Now, we replacing <div>s to <table>s… what a waste of time.

Bad Planning. I forgot to consider the end user’s platform… a very important part in developing such systems. So… we learn from it.