Mount Marcy; The Highest Point of New York State via Keene

Getting through the finish line is more important than reaching the top.

It took 3+ hour drive From Watertown to Lake Placid then to Keene Valley.

By 11:45am… We arrived in “The Garden Trailhead” and followed the 9 mile walk “Yellow Trail to Marcy”

After 4hours, We reached and rest for a while in Bill Howard Lean-to. There’s a campsite nearby but we prefer reaching John Brooks Lodge before it gets dark… hoping for better place to camp (0.4 mile)

We found a decent place to camp near Grace Camp. Where we saw deer watching us just a few meters away. We started to ascend 745am

You pass through this riverside trail for a few going up to Mt Marcy
There’s a riverside trail going to Mt Marcy… this might be impassable during rainy season.

Dead end… 1pm… few miles going to the summit. We decided not to push through because the trail going to the summit is not passable. The trail was covered with ice… ice not snow. Very slippery and not safe once we descent.

We descent as fast as we could because night will catch us in the middle of the trail. We ate and rest for a a while in one of the Lean-to’s. We walk along with other hikers going back to the trailhead. Some of them is obviously lost and they asked us to wait for them. We reached the parking lot by 7:30pm.

A very memorable experience with my dad and younger brother.

We are all beginners… doing mile per hour for 9mile trail… with assaults covered with mud, snow and ice. End up going back and delaying our success in reaching the Mount Marcy summit.


  • Wait for the right season; they say July to September is the best season to use this trail
  • Bring enough food for camp and during the trail depends on how many days you will stay.
  • Water is not an issue, many clean water source nearby but you have to bring bottles and purification system or tablets just to make sure.
  • Start the trail as early as you can and make sure to descent while the sun is up. We met some hikers along the way got lost. Good thing we have:
  • GPS, compass and printed map; Though the trail is fully guided with trail signs… It is very important to have these tools anywhere you want to hike especially if you are going to trail at night
  • Bring Headlamp and flash lights
  • Bring stove and enough fuel. Camp fire is strictly prohibited to avoid wild fire.
  • The weather in Mount Marcy changes rapidly, you have to bring and wear good clothes to stand cold overnight and while on summit.
  • If you are not used to cold weather… you may bring reusable hand warmers.
  • Ranger told us that there’s no recent bear sightings but bear canister is required if we plan to stay overnight. So please bring one! 😉
  • Dogs are allowed but required to be on leash all the times. So please!?

See the gallery below: