Photo of the Day: Isla de Capon Grande, San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines

Isla de Capon Grande, San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines
Isla de Capon Grande, San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines

Capones Island, also known as Grand Capon or Capon Grande Island (Spanish: Isla de Capon Grande) is a small island approximately 1.9 kilometers (1.2 mi) long by 0.4 kilometers (0.25 mi) wide, at its widest point, lying some 3.8 kilometers (2.4 mi) off the coast of the province of Zambales on western Luzon island in the Philippines. It is the largest of the Capones Islands (Islotes de los Capones), a group of three small islands which also includes nearby Camara Island and another islet connected to it by a sand bar.[1] The island is administratively part of barangay Pundaquit of the Zambales municipality of San Antonio. (wikipedia)

The island is characterized by huge rock formations and steep cliffs surrounded by white sand and coral beaches. The Capones Island Lighthouse is located on the hillside near the western end of the island. (wikipedia)

My new Jetboil Burner Assembly S20014

JetBoil BurnerMy Jetboil Zip serves me well for three years now.  The only thing that broke was the pin under the burner and it was my fault.   Even though, It still works fine and its been with me wherever I camp.   And now, I will replace the broken burner with the new one, but I’ll still keep the old one for back-up.


A short trek to Taal Volcano Crater

Taal Volcano Crater
Taal Volcano Crater

From Talisay Batangas, rent a private boat going to Taal Volcano Island. It will cost you PhP1500 for a round trip boat ride and additional PhP500 for “life guard” fee. And from the port of Taal Volcano Island, you may rent a horse worth PhP1500/each or hire a local guide for PhP1000/group and additional “Tourist Fee” PhP50/person. Once settled, they will give you tickets going to the trail. You will reach the viewing deck after an hour of dusty trail. Bring face mask because you will share the trail with horses with tourist on it.

In the viewing deck, try the fresh cold buko for PhP100 and ask your guide to bring you to “pulang lupa” peak. 😉 Enjoy the view! Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints 😉

By the way, Also prepare another PhP50 for the “bridge” fee. ;0

Talisay, Batangas. Lot’s of friendly people and very accommodating.

Lunch at Milan’s Native Foods Restaurant and Grill. This is my new favorite Bulalohan! 🙂

.. to Taal Volcano

Salamat po sa mga sumoporta!


Ang MDS Call Solutions Incorporated po ay nakapag kolekta ng school supplies at cash donations para sa mga bata ng Bisal Elementary School.  Sa tulong ng Tinguian Tribe Outdoor at kanilang mga kasamahan.

Bookmarks : 12
Bags : 5
Manila Papers : 5
Notebooks : 75
Crayola : 7
Crayola 24 colors : 3
Sharpener : 24
Plastic Rulers:  20
Pencils : 108
Pens : 9
Books: 10


PhP 2,300.00 cash donations.





Maraming salamat po!!!  Mabuhay po kayo!!!