Watching Netflix in the Philippines… hooooraaaaa!!


I use my VPS for hosting my sites, ssh tunneling and Web Proxy to browse Google Play… I didn’t know it can also be used for Netflix.   I’m using Squid Proxy and connected via standard Smartbro WiMax here in Mandaluyong.  

No lags if you dont enable the HD on Netflix… Wag lang sanang madidisconnect ang WiMax  ^_^



Raspberry Pi + debian wheezy + kannel + ZTE Smartbro dongle

Good for sending 30 SMS per minute… great tool to annoy your recipient. 


Goodbye #WitribePH!! Hello #SmartBroWiMAX!!!


After months of complaining… Finally I’m officially out from WiTribePH network and hello to SmartBro WiMAX 🙂

Nag apply ako online through smartbro portal. Then the following day, I received a call from one of their agents to get and confirm my infos.  They texted me the service reference number to proceed the installation and sinigurado nila sakin na that I can have a refund and return the device in case na wala or bad signal sa area ko.

A field engineer contacted me and told me that he will visit and install my new SmartBro WiMAX ahead scheduled.  and booom!! installed na kagad!


Pumapalo kagad pagka install… unlike… hmmmm maghihintay ka na nga… mabubwiset ka pa

good job SmartBRO wimax!!!