Budget travelling to Island of Gods: Bali Indonesia


  • Visa: ASEAN which includes Philippines, FREE
  • Roundtrip Ticket: PhP 11,000.00+ + Travel Tax in the airport
  • Airport Transfer to your Hotel: PhP 670.00+, it can go lower
  • Hotel Accommodation: PhP 2,300.00+/night in Satriya Cottages. Very strategic location, very close to the Kuta beach, malls, bars, store, and restaurants.
  • Tourist Meal: PhP 150.00+, it can go lower down to P60.00- if you go local like in JI. Raya Kuta Street 07230068
  • Small Bottled Water: PhP 40.00+
  • Day Tour Package: PhP 2,000+/4pax, you and three of your friends can enjoy a day tour package together. Donations and entrance fees in some temples and parks are not included. PhP 30.00+ to PhP 100+ per person.07250027Contact my new found friend Eka of http://www.balitourexplore.com/ to arrange your tour in advance.
  • Local SIM with 2Gig Internet: PhP 200.00+/plan
  • Swimming in Kuta, Beach: FREE07230047
  • Philippine Bank ATM: BDO Atm with VISA:OK and BPI Family with Cirrus:Not Ok07250004Instead of buying US dollars and using Money Exchange in Bali, you may use your ATM to widthraw Indonesian Rupiah

Balinese people are very friendly and accommodating. And like in any other places, it is nice thing to do to learn basic local languages especially greetings and counting numbers. They will highly appreciate it if you greet them in Balinese like, “Om Swastiastu”, which means “peace, good health to you”. And saying “Suksma” as “Thank you”, while “Suksma Mewali” as “You’re welcome”.

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Do you have plans visiting Bali? or have you experience Bali lately? How was it? 🙂