Photos of MDSCSI 5th Anniversary Celebration

Photos of MDSCSI’s 5th Year Anniversary celebration held in Kasilawan Makati Office, September 2013.

A mass offering before the event start


Opening remarks by Ms George Cuadra, the General Manager of MDS Call Solutions Inc


5th Year Service Awardee, Engr. Rhoane Tañada with Ms. George Cuadra


Announcing the next 5th year service awardee


5th Year Service Awardee, Mr. Dennis Diola with Ms. George Cuadra


Some of the staff and officers of Information and Technology Department of MDS Call Solutions with Mr Kenneth S. Yang, the President and CEO of Golden Arches Development Corporation


The service awardees and officers of MDS Call Solutions Incorporated


From left to right: Mr. Macoy Mejia, Mr. Abet Olivar, Ms. Michelle Chan, Mr. Kenneth S. Yang, Ms. George Cuadra, and Ms. Jenn Cornelio
From left to right: Mr. Macoy Mejia, Mr. Abet Olivar, Ms. Michelle Chan, Mr. Kenneth S. Yang, Ms. George Cuadra, and Ms. Jenn Cornelio

Wow ah!! meh ganun?

Meh ganun?
Meh ganun?

Ayaw ko sana mag pa apekto… pero nauubos na talaga ang mga taong may work ethics na pinoy… epekto ng brain drain sa pinas.  Ang marurunong at magagaling ay napupunta at pinakikinabangan ng ibang bansa. Habang naiiwan at dumadami ang mga _______…. fill in the blanks

Career Venn Diagram





I found a very interesting post by +J Wynia how to evaluate a business idea or a potential career shift. He represent it in 3 big circles:

  • Stuff I Enjoy Doing
  • Stuff I’m Good At, and
  • Stuff The Market Pays For.
Each circles intersects with each other and it serve as a guide that leads to utopia.
I made some few tweaks and color adjustments. And I replace three intersecting shade to: “Learn it”, “Love it”,and “Sell it”
  • If you found your self in the middle of everything. You know your job very well, you enjoyed doing it, and the company pays you well… you are basically in utopia. Your dream job. The job you ever wanted.
  • In the case of, you enjoyed doing your stuff and paid for it but you are not good at it. You need to learn more to keep you in the middle.
  • And sometimes, you’ll find self in a situation where you’re good in doing your stuff… and it pays you doing it… but it took so much energy to finish it… then you have to love your stuff.
  • Then sometimes, you enjoyed doing it, and your are good at it… but it doesn’t pays you well… Put your stuff in the market… sell it!

I imagine it like a riffle crosshair aiming from a distance… it moves over the time and you have to adjust to keep you in the target.

Hope it helps…

Thanks to +J Wynia !

Original post:

How to transform customers into loyal advocates?


Accuracy, Availability, Partnership and Advice. These are the four levels of customer expectations to fulfill to transform customers into loyal advocates.

Accuracy. Giving them as exactly as they want it. Satisfying their expectations as promised. Time, quantity, amount, volume… etc.. Or like giving them the right change from a right price. Having project delivered on-time and work as defined during planning stage.

Availability. Being there when they need you or your product. Like Ministop or 7-11 when you ran out of ink or you just need an energy drink to stay up late. Being there most of the times as much as possible, especially when they needed you most.

Partnership. Complementing each other. Acknowledging their existence and importance. Tuning -in like radio. Knowing their likes and they don’t like. Making them feel that they really matter as if they are member of the board.

Advice. Letting them know on how to optimize or utilize your products or services. Make them an experts of what they acquired. Give them ideas like having sundae after they ordered a meal.

Having these fulfilled makes your customer like a walking poster ad of your products or services.

* Some of many things i learned while reading “First, Break all the rules ” book.