Ang mga payo ko sa mga #filipino #students.

Students from PUP-San Juan visits me in the office to conduct an interview. Requirements daw nila sa isang subject nila. They prepared some set of questions na sinagot ko… But during the interview…  I gave them some advice.

  • Set your goals. Separate after 5years and 10years goals. And use it as your guide.
  • Wag maging EMO… Be positive. Kung may issues… Take it as a challenge and opportunity to learn… Solve it! Face it!
  • Stay positive. Iwasan ang mga melodramatic movies and TV shows. Listen to music or watch funny movies. Eat your comfort food.
  • Don’t waste time. If you want to be successful… why wait? Magsimula ka na ngayon.
  • Whatever you do… give your best. Treat it like an art… and your output is your Masterpiece. Rewards will follow.
  • Focus, don’t let anyone or anything distracts you in achieving your goals.
  • Sleep as you can. Kapag nag trabaho na kayo.. ma mi miss nyong matulog. 🙂