How to survive global economy collapse by Michael C. Ruppert

1.  Localized food production.
2.  Be a member of a community or family.
3.  Buy gold.
4.  Have a survival and first-aid book and kits.
5.  Wired telephone instead of cell phones.
6.  You need transistor radio.

It may not complete, I’ll update nalang.

3 Replies to “How to survive global economy collapse by Michael C. Ruppert”

  1. I’ve been thinking about this one too. I realized the big problem we face if we happen to “digitize” everything if say, the Internet also collapses. Hahaha! Armageddon scenario ba :p

    Kaso lang, how’s (3) supposed to help? Although I acknowledge that paper money indeed won’t mean anything by then.

    1. sabi nya… babalik ulit sa gold ang means ng trading… while money will be worthless. kung titingnan mo ngayon… all time high din ang worth ng gold ngayon… 🙂

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