Nurture spa, Tagaytay Cavite Philippines. The second best spa in Asia.

The Plan.
My brother and his girlfriend planned this trip few months ago. They booked for two and all they have to do is to go there and experience the “Wellness” (that’s what the Nurture spa says). I have no idea how much it cost them but knowing the spa is the second “best” spa in asia, they must be sooooooo expensive. I don’t dare to ask how much my brother spent for their reservations… coz I don’t want to hit my own head of 20kilo of guilt ü.

They invited us (me  and girlfriend) to join them last week. So I told them we should leave metro manila early so we can spend more time in Tagaytay. We might as well escape the traffic that may spoil our day. So we all agreed. We will pick them up by 7am and we be in Tagaytay earlier than 9.

The spoiler.
The night before, I stayed up late playing Skyrim. I was busy strolling around Whiterun after finishing one quest. I fell asleep around 1am. then BEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEP BEEEP!!!! the alarm break out 7:04am and I was in shock because I should woke up by 4am. I was like “FUUUUU!!! MY BROTHER IS MAD ALREADY!!! IM SCREWED!!!” I texted him and told him that I woke up late and we will be there in a few. So… we are late. We reached Tagaytay by 10am. Hungry.


I’ve been a big fan of Wensha Spa in Pasay. Its been a my benchmark for comparing other spa that I’ve visited. The facility, services, food, and the massage.  For a budget conscious person like we… I balance everything and make sure everything is worthit. I have to check the ETM (Experience, Time, Money) first before my ATM 😉

Knowing Nurture spa is the second best spa in asia doesn’t excite me. First, it is too far for me. I have to travel 2hrs with traffic and spend plenty of gas. And second, I’m allergic to all expensive places where I know I can get the best while spending less.

My brother get us a room before the “wellness” begins. It has air-conditioning, complete toiletries, huge bed, with own restroom, with TV and DVD player, looks, feels and smells clean, overlooking lettuce plantation. A very peaceful environment. The crew told us to wait and rest for 30mins before health scan. Again, I fell asleep while waiting.


Ok! health scan what!!?? Are we going through a CT scan like machine?? One of the crew pick us up in our room and brought us to a hut where health scan was conducted. They have this a device that you have to hold in your left arm. And a nurse (I guess) have this thingy pointing it to some of my pressure points. Attached on a laptop through USB. It shows graphs of my energy (as they said) all over my body. It says my mental state is weak that cause memory loss and urinal something is also weak that cause uncontrollable pee. (damn!) Does it mean I’m going to be crazy and pee everyone??? hope not.

After the scan (they email the results by the way) we saw my brother and his girlfriend watching a cooking demo. The crew let my brother’s girlfriend cook a fish (I forgot name of the fish) with sarsa…  And then we ate pasta with bread for (snack).  A heavy snack that I thought it was our lunch already. We rest for a while… and prepare for the “wellness” 🙂  We went to a room where “wellness” is done… They provide disposable undies so you won’t bother to bring extra :).  It has its own bath room with bathtub. Complete with toiletries with hot and cold water.


They started at my feet scrubbing a crushed corn with Tea Three oil (I thought it was 2T oil) for a bit. I noticed that the room is very relaxing and the therapist is very accommodating and friendly.

After my feet… budy scrub. I forgot if they mentioned what it was but it looks and feels like coconut “niyog” with milk.  I told my girlfriend that we can make that one in their house before making gata. 🙂  The body massage is the best. Very relaxing… no need for extra pressure. I don’t remember the rest because I fell asleep hehehe. After that, face massage. They use pure honey, spreading all over my face while massaging.  Again… I fell asleep.  this time… snoring.

The score.
All in all, no doubt that Nurture spa is one of the best spa in asia. And I’m lucky to experience it for a middle class earner like me. It sounds expensive and I don’t want to know how expensive it is. But the experience is awesome and I surely visit it again IF I have the money and time to spend. I surely recommend it to people I know that can afford it.

PS: Don’t count the word wellness, rest and sleep/asleep. 😉