Alarm Clock Plus Android App

I’ve been using it for a long time, ever since I had a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Like any other alarm clock android app, you can set may alarms and you can dismiss or snooze the alarms once fired up.  But this animal stand out from the rest. It is annoying alarm clock in a good way that will really can wake you up.

You can set your alarm to ask mathematical problems before you can snooze or dismiss to wake you up.

YES!! a math problem!  so if you think you’re a genius and you can solve boring arithmetic problems before waking up the whole town.  You can set it to “very hard” level with 25 correct answers before you can turned off the noisy alarm and its flashing lights on time.

You can check the app through this link:

WARNING: It will be your last alarm clock android app to be bought. And you’ll be using it for very long and often times. There’s a free (with ads) version by the way. Don’t tell me that I don’t warned you!

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