I accidentally bypassed the “2-step verification” security of my old Dropbox account

Dropbox Desktop

Remember the last time I was whining about my Dropbox account after I updated the firmware of my very (un)lucky Nexus4? (this post: Android 4.2.2 OTA Update). After that, I created new one but I maintained the old account linked to my Desktop client. When I boot-up my Window$8 partition, it still syncs with my brother’s and dad’s dropbox shared folder.

Everytime I tried logging-in through web, it requires the “2-step” verification codes. Until earlier this day, I was about to share a folder from my old account to new one to link the two. I was surprised it doesn’t allow me to key-in the code. Instead, it gave me the full access of my old dropbox account. Through that, I disabled the “2-step verification” and now I can log-in again without it.

Though I recovered my old account through this security hole, it should be fixed as soon as possible.

Android 4.2.2 OTA Update


After installing 4.2.2 through OTA, my mobile radio doesn’t work. WiFi, Bluetooth, etc… everything works fine but my network says “No Service”… it can’t detect my IMEI either. As usual… I Google’d and found a thread on XDA how to fix it. The first page of the thread looks hopeless… they are saying that I have to change the motherboard and nothing can fix it… and I was like “WTF!”

After hitting page 2… finally someone posted a link from XDA thread… flashing it will fix the issue. So I rush and start the day flashing my Nexus 4 the following day… My pictures, music, SMS and keepass files are stored and sync on Dropbox, SkyDrive,UbuntuOne and Google Drive. So… everything seems covered and flashing went well and successful. One thing I forgot though… my 2-step verification for Google and Dropbox… sh!t

I’m able to recover my Google Authentication but my 5gig+ Dropbox left out of luck. Their tech support says, they cant recover my account unless I can provide the 16 digit emergency code. Guess what! It doesn’t work! I can’t blame Dropbox… either their tech support for what had happened. Dropbox is a great product and service… it is faster and reliable than other cloud storage as far as I know (base on my personal experience). In fact… I created a new account again.

Lesson: Don’t use 2-step verification if you don’t know how to follow instructions ^_^

Android 4.2.1 to 4.2.2 update doesn’t provide any significant changes. As expected of course… it would be 4.3 or 5.0 if does! silly!!!

Thanks for reading!

Sinong may ayaw ng free 50gig online storage??? ako gusto ko! kung gusto mo rin… try mo to!

Got this from XDA… tried and tested… just follow the procedure: )


This app does not require you to have a rooted device in order to edit your build.prop, it will fake the phone type for you. So all android devices can avail of this offer.Just follow these few simple instructions and you will have a massive FREE 50GB box.com account.If you dont have an account

1. Go to https://www.box.com/signupor use the Box app available free on the Market here:https://market.android.com/details?id=com.box.android

2.They will send you a validation Email, accept this and you will have 5GB free.

3.Install “Free 50GB Box.com v1.1” and open it, input your email address and password (I have been assured by the dev of this app that no email address or username, is stored by the app or sent to him or anything like that, but if you are unsure, just change your password after the upgrade to 50GB using your web browser and in account settings.

4.Press “Upgrade to 50GB!!!” you will see a toast saying you have been upgraded to 50GB5.

Log into your account, either via the normal Box app or web browser and you will see you have been upgraded from 5 to 50GB!.

Enjoy this spaceCredits to redphxapk Link