I accidentally bypassed the “2-step verification” security of my old Dropbox account

Dropbox Desktop

Remember the last time I was whining about my Dropbox account after I updated the firmware of my very (un)lucky Nexus4? (this post: Android 4.2.2 OTA Update). After that, I created new one but I maintained the old account linked to my Desktop client. When I boot-up my Window$8 partition, it still syncs with my brother’s and dad’s dropbox shared folder.

Everytime I tried logging-in through web, it requires the “2-step” verification codes. Until earlier this day, I was about to share a folder from my old account to new one to link the two. I was surprised it doesn’t allow me to key-in the code. Instead, it gave me the full access of my old dropbox account. Through that, I disabled the “2-step verification” and now I can log-in again without it.

Though I recovered my old account through this security hole, it should be fixed as soon as possible.