An update on my small RaspberryPi Project for Indigenous Kids of Mindoro

Facebook Screenshot
“Because one of my student don’t know how to read yet… now he can with the use of technology… see! he’s a technical guy now… I wish more units would come… hehe – thanks to Indigenous PH to sir Macoy Mejia go on brothers!” – Gimparay Sialdang

Most of these kids doesn’t reach or proceed secondary education.  Because for them, primary education will suffice to live for farming and do labor works.  With this new skills that they have learned, I hope that their future would change for the better.


Bread Board for Hardware Hacking


Just following my bliss…

I bought my 2nd WebCam, USB Audio Card, USB WiFi with Soft AP, a Mic, Wire kit and a Bread Board.   Let’s see what happens when we mix it with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Starting my Make-a-week habit.

#RaspberryPi Spy : RPi + Wheezy + motion + WebCam

Raspberry + webcam Sample Shot

A sample shot of a cheap webcam attached to RPi.  Not bad for surveillance camera alternative. Using Raspberry Pi (UK) B 512mb with 2G SD Card as boot to USB 16G Toshiba Thumbdrive and CDR-King WebCam.

CDR-King WebCam

Raspberry Pi (UK) Model B 512mb

top command
top command
Screenshot of SD and USB storage
Screenshot of SD and USB storage
Screenshot of meminfo and cpuinfo
Screenshot of meminfo and cpuinfo

And while I’m waiting for my busted Powered USB hub to be fixed… I’ll park my WiPi and SmartBro 3G/GSM USB Modem for awhile.

WiPi and SmartBro GSM USB Modem