Got my first #arduino and lcd shield from Relix Technologies


Unboxing this very tiny little thing called Arduino!!

Click more for more pictures!




10 Replies to “Got my first #arduino and lcd shield from Relix Technologies”

  1. hi,, i was planning on buying one too, where exactly is the company’s location?? thanks 🙂

      1. if its not too much, can you suggest any thesis topic that can be done using arduino?? thank you so much!! 🙂

        1. There are lot of things that can be made out of audrino… depende sa field or sa point of interest mo

          it can be a drone, weather instrument, a network sserver etc. marami kang pwedeng i integrate na sensors and motors

  2. thank you.. balak sana nmen i-incorporate ang arduino and android.. for example thru Bluetooth we can control the on/off ng house lights 🙂

    1. there’s a arduino na may ready na for Android integration… check mo… with right shields and add-ons.. yakang yaka nyo yan. Yan ang beauty ng Arduino ^_^ happy hacking!!!

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